These plots show rainfall trends in a set of rainfall bins (x-axis) and change in number of days per year (y-axis). For example there are 0.08 more days per year (almost a day per decade) of very light rain of 0.01 to 0.03 inches, but fewer days of light rain, e.g. 0.3 inches.

The version of the code called double counts all rainfalls but doesn't miss any overnight rainfalls. Double counting should not affect the trend, but in a few cases it does due to random occurances of overnight rainfalls early or late in the record.

Also showing weekly rainfall trends at DCA and Charlottesville.

The plot at the bottom shows the trend in all rainfalls of >= 0.01 inches (rising) and all rainfalls >= 0.1 (falling slightly)

Code:,, | Data: dca.csv | Instructions: README