These plots show the percentages of tropical storms with peak winds <= 50 knots, <= 45 knots, <= 40 knots and <= 35 knots. In each year the total number of storms is counted and the storms in each category are counted. The counts are inclusive, i.e. the count of peak <= 50 knots includes the storms with peak <= 45 knots, etc. Then the counts in each category are divided by the total storms and hurricanes for the year. Post-tropical winds are ignored. Storms that fail to achieve tropical storm criteria (>= 35 knots) are ignored.

PACIFIC The trend since 1971 seems to indicate consistent detection methodology. The data from 1949 to 1970 has a completely different methodology. Also the gray dots cover up the red dots in the plot and turn into darker dots, but it shows coarser quantization of wind speeds.


Code: | Data: hurdat2-nepac.csv | Instructions: README.tropicalstorms